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A Journey I have Enjoyed

When I was asked to build this site I did not fully understand the Ozark Opry.  I spent the 80's as a teenager and listening to pop and rock and visiting the Ozark's a few times for various tourist fun and some fishing with my grandparents. 

I never had the opportunity to visit Lee Mace's Ozark Opry, but I can tell you through building this site that I wished that I could have been part of the magic! I have so enjoyed reading all the articles and viewing all the pictures.  My youngest son and I sing on a daily basis "Hello Friends and Neighbors" with a smile on our face.  It actually has come to be a song that brings great happiness to us, with my son Ethan telling my husband last night that it's his favorite song ever.

Though I was proud to be an American prior to Lee Mace's rendition of the Ragged Old Flag - his view has made that feeling stronger, not to mention a since of peace in what I consider trying times.  I am struck by the Ozark Opry families warmth, love and kindness that I see within the 50 year anniversary video and the love they had for Lee and Joyce. 

It is such a pleasure for me to have built this site.  To be a part of the  Missouri Opry history , to feel the love that the  Lee Mace Ozark Opry family had for one another, expressed in music.  Take some time -- look through it all - watch the videos.  It's a trip you can take from your recliner at home and I guarantee, it's one that you will not forget!