Lee Mace And His Ozark Opry

From "Sit A Spell" Poems of the Ozarks
by Marcellus Bosworth - The Bard of Osage Beach

Young Mace returned from Korea
With a bass fiddle in his hand;
The neck on the thing was broken,
But Lee thought it mighty grand.


He found it in a bistro in Paris
And brought it across the sea;
For he had a dream that he cherished -
And dreams,as you know, are free!

He fashioned a neck from a ball bat,
Then he added each new bow-strong;
By the time he got back to Linn Creek,
He was ready to do his thing.

He formed a band at Tuscumbia,
And they played to all who'd come;
But Lee was the main attraction -
Folks sure loved to hear him strum!

Now they play at the Ozark Opry
All summer of every year;
In winter, they travel the circuit -
And their music is something to hear!

The Band is now bigger than ever,
With Goofer right in the middle;
But the star of the show, as always,
Is Lee Mace and his big bass fiddle!